Mike Winters

British comedian.
Died on Saturday August 24th 2013

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Tweets related to Mike Winters:

@Mike_Carbon: RT @HistoricalPics: Dick Winters and Easy Company (Band of Brothers) at the Eagle's Nest, Hitler's residence http://t.co/PngU91grzQ

@biglakeshow: @kingsthings @Dodgers @Cardinals mike winters needs to retire ,, he was so inconsistent on Fridays game ,,, he should have tossed lackey

@beatroute66: I don't watch #GameofThrones, but Mrs b66 has just mumbled something about Mike Walker rocking up, bringing Bernie Winters with him?

@roswellstalkfm: http://t.co/zdBgCCL2WO - ON NOW: MIKE WINTERS http://t.co/JjZoetVrWs #roswellstalkfm #roswellnm


@JaredGuyer: @MLB needs to have a heart-to-heart with what seems like an increasingly out-of-control umpire Mike Winters.

@bigjacobi: RT @MoundballMLB: Wow. Mike Winters is on fire! 4 #moundballs in a row! That's more like it! @bigjacobi is the winner! Congrats! http://t.c…

@ChrisHornb: @drewsilv Which led Timmy into a really awkward attempt at a transition into talking about Mike Winters for no apparent reason.

@UnHolyDiver1: @dylanohernandez @miklasz Mike Winters had an absolutely abysmal game on Friday night; for both sides. This was not a one-way street.

@sonnenberg11: @DannyMacTV Google Mike Winters and check out the suspensions he has had.Wondering if MLB will do anything about his antics on Friday night?

@CardsAnalyzer: I'll bet money that AJ Ellis said something stupid to ump Mike Winters, and then got pissed at Winters "presentation" comment. .. #stlcards

@sonnenberg11: When will #MLB have enough of umpire #Mike Winters' antics? Ridiculous running Ellis on Friday night for "improper presentation". #Dodgers

@Jacotrades: Tim McCarver talked about John Lackey's breach of etiquette with Mike Winters Fri.night.Winters has incited many battles with his arrogance.

@sobecreation: I love that @DannyMacTV and Tim are talking about Mike Winters' ridiculous ejection of @AJEllis17. Thanks for defending baseball! #stlcards

@TUCKsez: Hats off to @Cardinals broadcasters for blasting Mike Winters' tossing @AJEllis17 the other night. @MLB make the umps accountable!

@Toppercoachx3: RT @tarawellman: Did this game just turn into a full-on Mike Winters reprimand?

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