William C. Campbell

American golfer
Died on Friday August 30th 2013

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@wcampbell84: @MelanyPaulas700 I C A N B E Y O U R F U C K M A T E O N L Y @MelanyPaulas700 Melany Paulas + @wcampbell84 William Campbell a day hun

@wcampbell84: @batzcassidy1 I C A N B E. Y O U R F U C K M A T E O N L Y Cassidy Batz @batzcassidy1+ @wcampbell84 William Campbell are together a day

@PEIHistoryGuy: #LestWeForget: Capt. William Campbell Cook, 26th Bn. C.E.F. DOB: 24/6/1880, @ChtownPE. Enl’d: 17/1/1916. Inj: 12/9/1917. #PEI #history #WWI

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