George L. Little

American costume designer (Apocalypse Now
Died on Friday August 29th 2014

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@BossBarkley: @GeorgeHWBush hi George I figured out your little scheme, , ✈🏢✈🏢 🇯🇪🇹 🇫🇺🇪Ⓛ ∁⒜⒩⒯ ℳ℮ℒ🇹 ⒮⒯⒠⒠∟ ⒷⒺ▴∕∖ ∕∖∽

@dudski: @Sonia_P_L to visit fred and george for a little while over the summer and i'm like YEAH HE'S GONNA MEET RON!!!!! DESTINY!!!!! except no

@ponorit: RT @ticwh: 6.25-George Armstrong Custer, Union General, was killed Today in 1876 at the Battle of Little Bighorn. He is...…

@george_671: I'm at Cinépolis for Little Boy in Monterrey, N. L., NL


@Emma_L_R: @PJNashwriter does anyone care? Story peaked after little George...

@thaliajover532: Labor to keep.alive in your breast that little spark of celesti l fire, called conscience. George Washington

@Regal_Con_L: RT @LanaParrilla: Please help little George if every1 who saw this gave $1 together we could make a miracle happen.Become a hero today http…

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