Edmund Fitzgerald

American businessman.
Died on Wednesday August 28th 2013

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@RussiawithoutBS: Someone was searching for problems with the Edmund Fitzgerald and found my article: http://t.co/2yqeXGU1wU

@GerryDTimbers: @TheTorontoSun Agreed. Reporter mailed in the review. Love Gordie but show was a ride on the Edmund Fitzgerald. https://t.co/1upYoeeayq

@RamblinRay995: You had me at "the wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald" @MickKahler @BigJohnHowell #gitssheegumie http://t.co/e70yS5JQOe

@NormaAEspinoza: Gordon Lightfoot - Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald http://t.co/QEBhevRa1B


@pronkville08: @YinzerSTILLinOH Edmund Fitzgerald?

@ABaker44240: @danasaurrr_ @CallMeBryy "Edmund Fitzgerald"

@pat_usher: Drinking an Edmund Fitzgerald by @GLBC_Cleveland @ Bar Ly Chinatown — http://t.co/IqTJFQXDCE

@wordsfoodmusic: @ChipChantry Seems like a better choice than "The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald." Didn't go well. I have much to learn about seduction.

@jennifercassada: Drinking an Edmund Fitzgerald by @GLBC_Cleveland - http://t.co/ocZYZ6b9ZC #photo

@Goodwrench: The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald https://t.co/Uorz2OJUvm

@adam62139: @akaWorf Titanic because I love the ocean and the ships that sail the seas. I even like songs about shipwrecks, like the Edmund Fitzgerald.

@828pantherfan: still one of my all time favs - Drinking an Edmund Fitzgerald @ Jupiter 2 Lower Decks (Aka The Basement) - http://t.co/3rzJjMef5t

@Retro70s80s90s: #Nowplaying #Retro70s80s90s Gordon Lightfoot - The Wreck Of The Edmund Fitzgerald http://t.co/6SNYNJaTnE

@aegisnyc: Want to convince a spouse to divorce? Sing your half of conversations in the tune of The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald. Trust me. It works.

@jmurph1785: Drinking an Edmund Fitzgerald by @GLBC_Cleveland at @worldcafelive — http://t.co/IffM7x7wEF #photo

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