William Bender

American entertainment critic and magazine editor (Time)
Died on Sunday May 4th 2014

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@daani_william: MU Terus Monitor Lars Bender http://t.co/WS1Enlqdkh

@william_956: Croatian basketball is on the rise. They have Mario Hezonja, Dario Saric, Bojan Bogdanović, and Dragan Bender

@william_956: RT @SBNation: You may not know who Croatia's Dragan Bender is yet, but he looks like basketball's future: http://t.co/nFsykU3Ssy http://t.c…

@blckphilly: Anthony Riley: “Destined for Greatness”: William Bender and Barbara Laker, http://t.co/6iUvGRJPle… http://t.co/9S3CwOEIRj | @blackpressusa


@robertrAwilliam: @bender_patience Hi! I saw you follow William McDowell and thought you might like this https://t.co/2YkqGEpO1S . Links in my bio :)

@FICHAJE_william: Visten como posibles jugadores del Manchester City a los siguientes jugadores: Bender, Hamsik, Khedira, Kondogbia, Schneiderlin y Song.

@KJay_Up_Next_03: RT @SmackHightheLI: "RIP Trevor Bender (Webber) william floyd highschool student gone but never forgotten 5/29/15"

@william_spring: RT @CauseWereGuys: When your pastor is an air bender http://t.co/GFk3KqoWup

@FICHAJE_william: El jugador del Bayer Leverkusen, Lars Bender, es uno de los objetivos del Manchester City de Pellegrini para reforzar la medular.

@Billiam_William: The only guy I know that would rather play in the lowest leagues over the league he pays to play in @ToeDragon09 #Bender

@Call_me_Bender: RT @YikYakApp: "Pretty sure the Snapchat stories feature was invented to let me know about all the things I'm not invited to." — College of…

@ThyNameIsCash: RT @Shnowflaake: My nigga william feelin like an air bender 😩😩😩

@Shnowflaake: My nigga william feelin like an air bender 😩😩😩

@StephCara6: RT @servative: @NickJTownsend The Jenner Bender http://t.co/6Mg3XQJx8v @huckleberrypres @rhea_william @AmBeachy @shadowlab03 @Jnicklas99 @S…

@servative: @NickJTownsend The Jenner Bender http://t.co/6Mg3XQJx8v @huckleberrypres @rhea_william @AmBeachy @shadowlab03 @Jnicklas99 @StephCara6

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