Whammy Douglas

American baseball player (Pittsburgh Pirates).
Died on Sunday November 16th 2014

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@filipobalbu: 1959 Topps #431 Whammy Douglas Cincinnati Redlegs EX Plus http://t.co/WCdhIRiyWo http://t.co/Qz8jBlKCY9

@quinteroserafi3: 2 REDS LOT 1959 TOPPS #494 DON PAVLETICH ROOKIE #431 WHAMMY DOUGLAS VG-EX http://t.co/GmTcU51i3P http://t.co/OaJCVILNHO

@penalvacrispin1: 1958 TOPPS #306 WHAMMY DOUGLAS EX-MINT SET BREAK http://t.co/hkh5dNHEZA http://t.co/aDpDNAY0ag

@Raiderjoe_FO: @LaverneusDingle yes. Others- Mike Papinpuss, John Baglieson, Albert Conifers, Whammy Douglas, Bob Keedlingthrush, Edwin Lovelady


@meloricardomel1: Topps 1959 #431 Whammy Douglas Cincinnati Redlegs Very Good Condition See Scan http://t.co/d1pq5dTY5c http://t.co/pIDEzubdFA

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