Leslie Feinberg

American transgender activist and author.
Died on Saturday November 15th 2014

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@Mz_Kiboko: @averrer @ztsamudzi just recently encountered the thought of the brilliant Leslie Feinberg. I'll see if he ever broached the subject

@lolheim: altså det er mulig at jeg har "drukket" "alkohol" men fy faen leslie feinberg fy faen takk for alt du var fy FAEN

@lolheim: verdens beste siste ord som antakeligvis ikke var egentlige siste ord: "remember me as a revolutionary communist" - Leslie Feinberg

@GreatDealsH: Stone Butch Blues by Leslie Feinberg (2010, Paperback, Large Type) http://t.co/02odOpORct http://t.co/KgODLoQlIw


@albrechtvictor5: Stone Butch Blues by Leslie Feinberg (2010, Paperback, Large Type) http://t.co/EMnAwGhNV0 http://t.co/MlpFMbeP6o

@mateurenato1: Stone Butch Blues, Leslie Feinberg, Books http://t.co/H8ryhwwNky http://t.co/KbJONVDqU9

@DrJoelleRyan: "We can only be considered 'gender-bent' in a society that’s gender-rigid." – Leslie Feinberg

@jbax902: Marked as to-read: Stone Butch Blues by Leslie Feinberg http://t.co/H0HgDpsW4y

@SysoonMemorial: Leslie Feinberg: Page about Leslie Feinberg http://t.co/I7WKNkoDIy #people #death #cemetery

@paintarya: having a moment for leslie feinberg .......

@LaniLaniDuck: 2015 book challenge, book 15: a book that made you cry- Stone Butch Blues, by Leslie Feinberg. https://t.co/q8jKcXDoGH

@lesbianandgay: Rainbow Solidarity in Defense of Cuba http://t.co/uI89Af8zdc

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