Uwe Boll

Director, producer, screenwriter

Has Uwe Boll died??

It appears not, Uwe Boll seems very much alive, currently at age 54

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@Singapore_Cane: Uwe Boll's CRAZY Letterboxd Reviews

@guitarcoder: Paul W.S. Anderson, Uwe Boll, Michael Bay and Roland Emmerich are all the same guy. And they're all horrible filmmakers.

@HylianKidd: Uwe Boll went back to directing. #SixWordHorror

@JMikeMorbid: @JettuJagga I told him you are trying to sell his movie rights to Uwe Boll.

@ChasinStatham: RT @ChasinStatham: bloated runtime! orc catapults! ray liotta's mind palace! that's right, it's actual lunatic uwe boll's notorious fantasy…

@spudsydawg: @DismalAbysmal I know, I saw. Hopefully this digs an even deeper hole for that chattering potato. I'd still like to…

@YohanSauvage: @L_ARP Si on part par là, Uwe Boll aussi.

@butters_cau: @JeanJacky @hendicaise Aux côtés d'Uwe Boll (qui a mis un de ses films dans sa sélection), gâté va !

@Caljwel: Watching my first Uwe Boll movie and it’s honestly one of the most Euro-horror American films I’ve seen. Not nearly…

@slakj3s73r: wow watched a bit of Alone in the Dark, Christian SLater, then husky voice herself Tara Reid with Uwe Boll directin…

@Marcos_Delfino: @lothermus Tem uma cara de ser obra do Uwe Boll isso

@tailbest: Uwe Boll is hired to direct. #SixWordHorror

@untidyvenus: RT @TheGaryOtto: Sean Shaul's Uwe Boll documentary is on Amazon now - Uwe wants you to take this link and post it online so people can fina…

@DocOctagonapuss: @UpToTASK Aaaaand there goes the Good Video Game Movie Streak. Detective Pikachu was the beginning and the end. Pa…

@retropcan: Я смотрел примерно половину фильмов Уве Болла, и не все они вызвали у меня неприятные ощущения, а некоторые вовсе д…

@eyedeeZERO: @Andrew_Reiner Death is too easy for them. They should be forced to watch Uwe Boll’s filmography for 24 hours straight.

@filmobjective: @Michael17311045 Seltzer and Friedberg, yes. Absolutely. Dennis Dugan, Tyler Perry, Uwe Boll. He might be the very worst.

@djnem0nic: Uwe Boll to remake "The Room" #SixWordHorror

@cjzisi: @StPeterGateKeep @RicksCuttingRm @voiceofdoom666 @starshiptroopr @bigmoviehouse @SILENT_TYRANT_ @ghoul_graveyard…

@ObjoGaming: @SmellyCandle42 Uwe Boll is the only good reviewer on Letterboxd honestly.

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