Uwe Boll

Director, producer, screenwriter

Has Uwe Boll died??

It appears not, Uwe Boll seems very much alive, currently at age 53

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@OldProle: @MikeOnYourLeft @lilah_sturges @haruspis Directed by Uwe Boll!

@GBurns27799052: @UweBollRaw That dude's a lost cause. He's way more fucked than you could make him. I would definitely dig an Uwe…

@skinslip: RT @skinslip: "Uwe Boll is a god damn genius" -- @stoud HE JUST SAID THIS

@skinslip: RT @skinslip: It's okay, Uwe Boll, I still love you.

@skinslip: RT @skinslip: The next person who shits on Uwe Boll's Postal gets pencil to the throat.

@skinslip: RT @skinslip: Fuck the hate, Uwe Boll's Rampage and Assault on Wall Street are awesome.

@UweBollRaw: RT @UweBollRaw: Uwe Boll's House of the Dead... It fucked him up...for life.

@UweBollRaw: RT @UweBollRaw: Uwe Boll talks in this video about when I fucked Melania because Trump had a flaccid penis. TRUE STORY! He called me in to…

@Nebbymod: RT @UweBollRaw: I love Poochie. I want a dog named Poochie. All dogs love Uwe Boll.

@UweBollRaw: RT @UweBollRaw: I love Poochie. I want a dog named Poochie. All dogs love Uwe Boll.

@UweBollRaw: RT @UweBollRaw: I say dudes post pics of your tits with I love Uwe Boll on it I get like 200 responses, but females... NEVER... It's Christ…

@UweBollRaw: RT @UweBollRaw: I love you all... Uwe Boll's children of the night

@JawsTV1: @kernetcetera Kinda surprised how many people lost relatively newer films. I suppose because they stick in your min…

@NharlieCash: @MattMcMuscles Every time I scroll past the Uwe Boll movie on amazon prime video I think 🤔 maybe this time I’ll watch it

@danieljmckee: @si_underwood If only they’d hired uwe boll

@Mrwest16: @UweBollRaw Thank you for the follow. I don't usually thank people for that, but when you're followed by UWE FRRICK…

@Alexand87987519: Okay o uwe boll começou me a seguir, um dos gajos mais estranhos e interessantes a face desta terra segue me e eu n…

@MattMunro96: @UweBollRaw Thank you for following me on Twitter Uwe Boll I love your movie Rampage!

@carlrjennings: This time on Thunder Grunt: the prelude to Uwe Boll challenging the hosts to a trial by combat, a.k.a. a boxing mat…

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