Tim Curry

[[Actor]], [[voice acting|voice actor]], [[singer]]

Has Tim Curry died??

It appears not, Tim Curry seems very much alive, currently at age 73

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@theging1661: @IsaLeeWolf Noooo, I wasn't correcting. I meant the boxed set I'm watching is the tv series. I'm a big Tim Curry f…

@marketrespecter: RT @PubicZirconium: happy birthday tim curry

@Bigbadhodad: @enjoy_ok_ko Is that Dr Blight and her Tim Curry computer?

@superddloddysey: RT @PubicZirconium: happy birthday tim curry

@PylerTerezXV: RT @flea333: Happy birthday to the great tim curry! My thornberry father

@BranKorven: RT @41Strange: Happy Birthday Tim Curry!

@caracompass: RT @PubicZirconium: happy birthday tim curry

@Haruka_Txt: Read this in Tim Curry's accent. That's what the Italian lady has been doing.

@snarkbat: @AlixEHarrow @pronouncedLAHra @Sarah_Guan I actually couldn’t get into them BECAUSE of Tim curry. I can’t hear his…

@AlixEHarrow: @pronouncedLAHra @snarkbat @Sarah_Guan (also the audiobooks are narrated by our lord and savior Tim Curry, which makes them 150% creepier)

@Therevern1: Anyone that is listening... not very many... I am in search of a Brad douriff "chucky" and Tim curry "IT" autograph…

@TheQueenPi: RT @envinyon: Tim Curry barely getting that line out will never not be hilarious

@arcticpenguin: @DrKowert @ClinicalRoll Was really confused about my sexual identity after watching Rocky Horror as a kid and then…

@lazlofruvous: What's that? I'm not re-watching a movie fondly remembered from my childhood simply because it has Tim Curry in it,…

@gaywerewolf666: RT @PubicZirconium: happy birthday tim curry

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