State of Bengal

Bangladeshi-born British DJ and music producer.
Died on Wednesday May 20th 2015

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@SKP1645: One of the emerging state of India, My WEST BENGAL

@nsrony: RT @ILeagueOfficial: Aroop Biswas,Ministry of Sports,WB lauds @Mohun_BaganAC To Improve State Football,"This Win Will Aid Bengal Football" …

@anjaliandthekid: this week's Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Kush RADIO show. A tribute to STATE OF BENGAL #asianunderground #bhangra #desi #soul

@san_desh2005: জমি জটে ২২ নগর, সমাধান চান মুখ্যমন্ত্রী - EI-Samay via @Ei_Samay


@san_desh2005: ঘাম ঝরানো জলীয় বাষ্পের উত্থানেই লুকিয়ে জিয়নকাঠি - EI-Samay via @Ei_Samay

@ImranDUFS: I saved a @YouTube playlist Mix - state of bengal - rama

@ImranDUFS: I liked a @YouTube video State of Bengal - Elephant Ride [HQ]

@ImranDUFS: I liked a @YouTube video State of Bengal - Rama Communication (Remix)

@ImranDUFS: I liked a @YouTube video state of bengal - rama communication

@Si_lv_er: The center must intervene not just in Delhi but in UP, W. Bengal too given the state of law & order.

@nikeshshukla: RIP to my dear once-mentor State of Bengal. He was a brilliant man and I'm utterly devastated that he's gone:

@bengal_coach: @weknowwhatsbest @NatShupe : Illinois at its finest....its why I'm telling my sons to go to school out of state

@Lid1108: Inter-state migration of child workers in India: Migrant child workers a major problem in Bengal #childlabour

@ROBERTLUIS: Tru Thoughts Radio with @GlennAstro State Of Bengal @AntonZap @boogieangst @NickMoods @HudMo @wahwah45s @DizzOne

@HarpsKaur: State of Bengal and the British Asian Underground Music Experience via @wordpressdotcom

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