Stan Goldberg

American comic book artist (Archie)
Died on Sunday August 31st 2014

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@jacobpolifemo: Kathy Comics #5 1960- Stan Goldberg cover-Paper Dolls- VF

@RiqueJames: @TallDarkNAnson Stan Lee,Gus from breaking bad, Goldberg, Carrie fisher ,Adam west, the green ranger,Tom Kenny, Kevin Conroy and more

@ScorpioSteele: @ErikJLarsen @magicalmatt42 @ImageComics Steven "Hawaiian Dick" Griffin, Stan Goldberg (designed FF & Spidey color schemes), Marie Severin.

@bestauctionkj: Archie in Will You Marry Me? By Uslan, Michael/ Goldberg, Stan (ILT)


@NinaMcKissock: "Trust me, after reading this book, your fears will be lessened or gone."-Stan Goldberg, PhD. (Review of my book, From Sun to Sun.)

@spookybeas: @Megathon367 goldberg is just too much of a renaissance stan to ~get~ modern art

@GregginFla: RT @Derfcity: But hey gang, summer is almost here! By Stan Goldberg.

@Derfcity: But hey gang, summer is almost here! By Stan Goldberg.

@stan_hsu: I liked a @YouTube video 2D Photography Rube Goldberg Machine

@EHCB: Stan Goldberg sucks, nothing works and even easy mistakes are left in it's like reading one of my own comics :(

@EHCB: Archie compilations are the biggest rollercoaster of lurching from great art one story to... Well... Stan Goldberg

@planetamongo: Photo: comicbookcovers: Two-Gun Kid #54, June 1960, cover by Jack Kirby, Dick Ayers, and Stan Goldberg

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