S. Donald Stookey

American inventor (CorningWare).
Died on Tuesday November 4th 2014

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Tweets related to S. Donald Stookey:

@TheBiographGirl: 23 May 1915 Inventor Donald Stookey born http://t.co/VhI8C9udmN Corningware

@RFGlobalnet: Happy B-Day S. Donald Stookey! Inventor, FotoForm & radar wave-transparent Pyroceramic glass. Also, CorningWare: http://t.co/PODRPn3EoA

@altatoron: #23demayo Centenario de S. Donald #Stookey, inventor de la vitrocerámica (el material, no la placa de cocina).

@wikibirth: 1915 – S. Donald Stookey, American chemist, invented CorningWare (d. 2014). Happy 100th! #23M #wiki

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