Leonard Long

Australian landscape painter.
Died on Sunday November 3rd 2013

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Tweets related to Leonard Long:

@leonard_cohhen: "Hurt once and for all into silence. A long pain ending without a song to prove it."

@fabborgosano: Mi è piaciuto un video di @YouTube: http://t.co/mWbEHxXwt3 Leonard Cohen - So Long, Marianne (Audio)

@emepe_zepeda: Leonard Cohen me dedicó So Long, Marianne. Hahahaha Lo amo, siempre. ❤️

@NathanCramer3: @TheRealNimoy Leonard was well ahead of his time. He had a flip phone long before cell phones were created in Star trek.


@TraducDeMusica: Leonard Cohen - Seems So Long Ago, Nancy (letra, tradução e vídeo) http://t.co/6Zf2TGaylC

@lizaweightloss: it's Now: Leonard Cohen So Long, Marianne |

@LaFouitte: it's Now: Leonard Cohen So Long, Marianne |

@CyberManin: #Music it's Now: Leonard Cohen So Long, Marianne | http://t.co/p7ha6snNyI @billboard http://t.co/bUiZrxcNYG @TwitterMusic #TheVoice

@AndyCarlsonShow: His retirements last as long as Sugar Ray Leonard's. https://t.co/dxft9Rx15l

@leonard_cohhen: "That's right - it's come to this, yes, it's come to this, and wasn't it a long way down, wasn't it a strange way down?"

@mehmeti_leonard: RT @andersostlund: The Russian people will suffer for a long time because of all the lies its government spreads. http://t.co/k1QDOyCHDj ht…

@PostPainter: "It takes a long time to grow an old friend." ~John Leonard

@T_JM_Leonard: Brandon is about to get punched in the damn head if he asks me how long I want to fish for 1 more time

@abelstevens: Leonard Nimoy: How he lived long and prospered http://t.co/HdqMFA23aK #staged http://t.co/ZDFuQmLRUt

@bartelmoose: Things Take Time-Bob Dylan: how long did "'Hallelujah" take? Leonard Cohen: "3 years." Cohen: How long did 'I and I' take? Bob: "15 minutes"

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