Robin Holliday

British molecular biologist.
Died on Wednesday April 9th 2014

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@Robin_Holliday: RT @wizkhalifa: She leavin you to come eat good, smoke, watch movies, and think about hopefully never having to return to your bullshit.

@mallory_sp: @Robin_Holliday 💃💃💃

@Robin_Holliday: @mallory_sp yaya! See ya at 7 !

@mallory_sp: @Robin_Holliday yes!!! Taking a nap now, so for 7💪


@Robin_Holliday: @mallory_sp are you working out tonight? I ate so bad today and neeedd a good work out!

@Robin_Holliday: I neeeed to go to H&M like yesterdayyy

@Robin_Holliday: Craving a steak 😍

@Robin_Holliday: I'm just not ready for summer school 😔

@Robin_Holliday: RT @WeLoveRobDyrdek: The ultimate battle

@Robin_Holliday: The gym just puts me in a better mood

@Robin_Holliday: Starbucks makes everything better

@Robin_Holliday: RT @lainiesmith1: that moment christian grey says "if you were mine, you wouldn't be able to sit down for a week" 😳😅goodlordt

@Robin_Holliday: Summer school will be the death of me 😭

@Robin_Holliday: My legs are jello

@Robin_Holliday: RT @mallory_sp: @Robin_Holliday & gym time 💪

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