Phil Hardy

British film and music journalist.
Died on Tuesday April 8th 2014

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@Literally_Phil: Karl Urban or Tom Hardy for the Punisher pls

@Ben_A_Hardy: @thedrb90 @PhilRBeard @APirolini @Tom Make sure Phil leaves some #Guinness for the rest of us

@ianpoolton: Phil Silvers Sgt Bilko,Johnny Weissmuller,Laurel&Hardy,The Marx brothers,Will Hay,Love on the Dole Deborah Kerr,Buster Keaton,James Cagney

@boolah11: @fishosaurus @Phil_Strange Ben Whishaw is now just after Tom Hardy on my 'to do' list. Even though he's the voice of Paddington. #BitWeird


@BarbarellaFem: James Everington Sam Stone David A. Hardy, Phil Sloman Mark West get ready: Fri 12th June I'm meeting with...

@AEW_Hardy: RT @AEWOfficial: MAYHEM: @AEW_SJK vs. Phil "CM Punk" Brooks -


@DiegoMoldesGonz: @KikeKarnacea "Los mejores Westerns" (2001) de @HotelInsonmia. Tb. "El western" (1994) de Quim Casas. Y en inglés la enciclopedia Phil Hardy

@lizamaraimondo: The ENCYCLOPEDIA of SCIENCE FICTION MOVIES by Phil Hardy

@phil_addison04: "So you think Tom Hardy killed Heath Ledger?" Oh @Nick_Scarpino I've never been more horrified and laughed harder in my life.

@hustlerpoolclub: Our most recent review:- Phil Hardy — 5 star The Hustler pool club is quite simply the best night out in...

@TheFIFAkickoff: @Filrd Phil Hardy, I think you do need Coins on FUT 15, check the secret on My Profile to get 3000.000 Coins

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