Richard Coren

Died on Saturday April 3rd 2021

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Tweets related to Richard Coren:

@rosahasnolife: People I demand to see on @taskmaster: Richard Ayoade  Claudia Winkleman Victoria Coren Mitchell (and/or) David Mit… - 3 days ago

@deadpeoplecom: A moment of silence for Richard Coren - #RichardCoren #Richard #Coren #rip - 1 week ago

@RnmdomUsername: @TheWarriorFriar @stevehartnett92 but yet Richard coren thinks I’m the problem cause I don’t agree with them. 😂😂😂 - 1 week ago

@mmackenzie1902: Victoria Coren Mitchell mentioning that an Only Connect contestant sounds just like Richard Ayoade is the defining… - 2 weeks ago

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