Richard Brennan

American restaurateur (Brennan Family Restaurants).
Died on Saturday March 14th 2015

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@brennan_richard: @VanessadelRio You as well, XO R&S

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@brennan_richard: RT @mendez_sonia: Quick and Fresh Shrimp Ceviche(Cebiche)

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@brennan_richard: RT @mendez_sonia: Help Us Open a New Senior Food Pantry in Waverly, NY! | Neighbors & Community - YouCaring

@leora_brennan: Trust your intuitive heart. - Richard Carlson

@brennan_richard: RT @suelaw14: Wine Is To Women, As Duct Tape Is To Men. It Fixes Everything @LoLoVino @winewankers @PRWineNews @CarolinaGirlToo…

@brennan_richard: @VanessadelRio I know! The little web under mine goes right to the tip,can't roll my R's!

@VanessadelRio: @brennan_richard lol trying to stick it out too far can hurt...BUT.......

@brennan_richard: @VanessadelRio Mine as well,I can curl it better than sticking it out!

@VanessadelRio: @brennan_richard I always thought my tongue was rather short BUT it got where it needed to get and very well if I do say so myself! LOL

@brennan_richard: RT @VanessadelRio: Notice Tongue Tip looks like the Head of a Penis? don't everybody run 2the mirror all at once ht…

@brennan_richard: @VanessadelRio But can you curl your tongue?

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