Irwin Hasen

American cartoonist (Dondi).
Died on Friday March 13th 2015

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Tweets related to Irwin Hasen:

@cartoonart: Here's a nifty gallery show for you Northeast comic art fans with works by Irwin Hasen, Frank McLaughlin, and...

@PaulKupperberg: An Irwin Hasen reproduction. I'm sorry Irwin was there to bask in the admiration his pieces were eliciting.

@RonaldClarke: RT @JulianLives: RIP to Irwin Hasen. He was the last surviving 1940s DC comics artist, best known as the creator of Wildcat.…

@Nawtiehope: Check out Irwin Hasen, Dondi 1970, Super Slate Fun, VERY RARE via @eBay


@giovannamgivoni: Photo: wonderwomanfans: SENSATION COMICS #97, Cover Art by Irwin Hasen, May 1950.

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