Johnny Knoxville

Stunt performer, comedian, actor, screenwriter, and producer

Has Johnny Knoxville died??

It appears not, Johnny Knoxville seems very much alive, currently at age 48

Tweets related to Johnny Knoxville

@BarronBliss: When I said they have gone and I'm separate from all of that now, I meant them and their sick game involving leadin…

@baumankayleighh: Tell me why gage looks like Johnny Knoxville

@EfficientChris: @JustinMVicroy @Stunt_Man_Mike_ @jvicroy85 @JohnnyVicroy The Rock and Johnny Knoxville

@stros_fan: This is completely on Johnny Knoxville! Or maybe Wee-Man, idk..

@linardisntcool: RT @lautantariksa: Hi I'm Johnny Knoxville, welcome to Jackass

@agreatdestined: @FAxChris You remind me of a Spanish Johnny Knoxville 😭😭😭

@camfield05: When Johnny Knoxville is told to play on the trampoline

@Geoff_Litwin: Hi I’m Johnny Knoxville. Welcome to jackass.

@AddisonWylie: @BrainMashup How about an underdog shout-out for THE RINGER? Sweet, underrated comedy. Edward Barbanell is really f…

@Feder316: Hello, I am Johnny Knoxville and this is Kieser Training bei 38 Grad!

@franticplanet: Absolutely refuse to believe this guy in the Uwe Boll documentary isn't Johnny Knoxville in another Bad Grandpa sty…

@SteeleWars: Hey I’m on the new @ComedyFilmNerds talking Toy Story, Johnny Knoxville’s Action Point, Galaxy’s Edge & plenty of…

@TMYKFacts: Due to the amount of penis-punishing stunts of Johnny Knoxville’s Jackass career, he needs to use a catheter twice…

@3mta37: "I was awash in a sea of poo" ~ Johnny Knoxville

@heyyoukid415: @ambernoelle My entire personal style is copied from Liv Tyler in Empire Records. With a dash of Johnny Knoxville.

@Rega_Andhika: RT @lautantariksa: Hi I'm Johnny Knoxville, welcome to Jackass

@EvilKeaton: @jadedubya Johnny Knoxville should have replaced Michael Scott.

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