Johnny Knoxville

Stunt performer, comedian, actor, screenwriter, and producer

Has Johnny Knoxville died??

It appears not, Johnny Knoxville seems very much alive, currently at age 47

Tweets related to Johnny Knoxville

@GrimmyThe0: @alfzxzv Black panther nominated for an oscar is like that Johnny Knoxville movie with the paralimpics but the roles are reversed.

@juandiazradio: I liked a @YouTube video

@witchyvoman: ive had a weird crush on johnny knoxville since 2010 when i saw jackass 3 and i dont think its ever gonna end

@noerami26244361: I liked a @YouTube video

@LouisVuitton_31: RT @HanSoloNoHoes: My names Johnny Knoxville & this is jackass

@HanSoloNoHoes: My names Johnny Knoxville & this is jackass

@vapor_not_smoke: I liked a @YouTube video

@DylanHeflin: I imagine when you go through the gates of hell, the first thing you hear Johnny Knoxville’s maniacal laugh and tha…

@davinyandere: "Travis's design was mainly based on Johnny Knoxville. As if that wasnt obvious enough." NO IT WASNT, I DIDNT KNOW THA

@nosoytocuen: Me voy a dormir con 31 de térmica y sin ventilador. My name is Johnny Knoxville and this is Jackass.

@TenArmedRobot: “i’m Johnny Knoxville, Welcome to Marwen”.

@Svtjess: “Honestly you just take a deep breath and say Fuck It”- Johnny Knoxville

@mayamcbride14: not to be dramatic but i think im in love with johnny knoxville and steve-o 🤷🏻‍♀️😍

@canalslive: Johnny Knoxville wants to know my location

@canalslive: Hi I’m sarah and this is Johnny Knoxville liking my drawing of him


@RedBluBlkSilver: @VaultVinyl @ThatFakeGuyDan @hereonmars_ @chillybotz3 Johnny Knoxville looks terrible

@akrewsavages: I liked a @YouTube video

@Jgb19xx: Johnny Knoxville is such a babe.

@mrbidd: @MBronteDynasty @realginnyrobins I’m waiting for Johnny Knoxville to pull this mask off.

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