Tom Schweich

American politician
Died on Thursday February 26th 2015

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Tweets related to Tom Schweich:

@HoldenDCat: In re John Danforth's pluralism: Tom Schweich was not Jewish, but had a loved one who was & taught him to fight anti-Semitism. >

@HoldenDCat: Tom Schweich was, by all accounts, a serious man. He held elected office, led an international investigation for Danforth, and so on.

@HoldenDCat: A "deep strain of anti-Semitism in this country" killed Tom Schweich, @monacharenEPPC. >

@HoldenDCat: It also doesn't help Tom Schweich's family or friends one bit.


@HoldenDCat: @monacharenEPPC Ask Tom Schweich's family about American anti-Semitism.

@jeffreywbruce: @YaelTAbouhalkah @BryanLowry3 And thanks to the MO GOP for providing the template for in-party cannibalism. RIP Tom Schweich

@hedynagizade: RT @247_newz: Missouri Auditor Tom Schweich dies at 54, his office says #Birmingham -

@wenalinotyqe: RT @1310kzrg: Missouri Auditor Tom Schweich is in a St. Louis hospital after experiencing what his staff is describing as a...…

@fowizyvysumi: RT @SocialInKSCity: Missouri Auditor Tom Schweich hospitalized for 'medical problem': The St. Louis Post-Dispatch was reporting th... http:…

@cycequnedylu: RT @KBIA: St. Louis Post Dispatch: Mo State Auditor Tom Schweich hospitalized in STL with a self-inflected gunshot wound:…

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