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Has Jim Carrey died??

It appears not, Jim Carrey seems very much alive, currently at age 57

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@FlipFlopFiction: @GameSpot Jim Carrey did not ruin mask for sure. This one I don't even know.

@HighlandrStudio: @WhiteMeatPride @RodStryker She looks like she’s emulating Jim Carrey‘s gag reflex!

@Eliotjacquet: @annapolinaxxxx Ace Ventura en VF ;) beaucoup plus drôle qu’en VO car le doubleur de Jim Carrey est possédé 😂

@tomthedog: Yes, THE DEAD POOL, the last Dirty Harry movie, 1988, not the Ryan Reynolds movie (which is one word, DEADPOOL). Ev…

@_jrap: @Tezamondo They got Pokémon versions of Polly, And I have one somewhere that is Jim carrey the riddlers head

@John_Helvin: How is it that Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels haven't sued these two for stealing their Dumb And Dumber act? BBC News…

@okemname: If you give up on ur dreams.. wts left - Jim Carrey

@BennyIsBoing: @StephenKing And now i lost respect for my favourite horror writer, then Jim carrey. How is it that you get so blind on reality?

@thearasclub: @angelinacesta Kek the Grinch nya Jim Carrey yaaa skwkwwkke

@tiviste_gel: RT @bilio_muydunuz: Modern çağ; •Yasa çok, adalet az •Kelime çok, anlam az •Geveze çok, konuşan az •Yürüyen çok, ilerleyen az…

@HedgeBz: Ariana Grande’s New Tattoo Is Inspired By This Iconic Jim Carrey Movie

@MyTechHomeBiz: You can fail at what you don't want so you might as well take a chance on doing what you love. - Jim Carrey #passion

@O19W0w: RT @bryan_el_ateo: Words of wisdom from Jim Carrey #Single #MGTOW

@annabeIle: jim carrey’s wig in batman forever is bonkers

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