Louis George

Saint Lucian politician
Died on Thursday January 2nd 2014

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Tweets related to Louis George:

@gobIetoffire: so funny that george said "i am in fact straight" 👋🏻👋🏻👋🏻 @Louis_Tomlinson

@ShoelessDick: Does Bene Gesserit George Washington hook up with Louis Pasteur at the end? #svengoolie

@SellHouses4u: watching Cleveland Indians at Safeco Field http://t.co/Xj7YhIqoq8

@wizipiqyjam: George-Louis Leclerc de Buffon~ Genius is nothing but a great aptitude for patience.


@pellonsalomon: George W. Cable: The Life and Times of a Southern Heretic by Louis D Rubin, Jr http://t.co/PQCXIs1ZAz http://t.co/076ZYVcoc0

@glitteryyhoran: RT @battle_celeb: RT for Louis Tomlinson Fav for George Shelley http://t.co/kxOMaSIs6p

@omglarry_larry: RT @StarVersusCeleb: RT for Louis Tomlinson FAV for George Shelley http://t.co/2boLYf1wyO

@holdengraber: LOUIS CK: WHY I LOVE GEORGE CARLIN http://t.co/0i4q2l6ay4 @nypl @livefromthenypl

@HarrytoxicJos: George shelley ( union j)es el hijo de harry y louis

@Louis_Freddie_S: RT @mrmarkmillar: Just been to see Mad Max and George Miller, aged 70, just took us all to school. PS Charlie Theron is a movie star. AMAZI…

@omggNialll: RT @duhhbrowski: someday I'll have met all of my husbands. matty, George, adam, Ross, Harry, Louis, Niall, Liam, Ed, James, etc I think you…

@bayimina_louis: @GeorgesMandjeck bjr George, merci de me contact urgemment stp

@tracie_george: My #TeenChoice nominee for #SocialMediaKing is http://t.co/akvtAQMXgo One Direction Louis Tomlinson

@giuseppeforcel5: Sc # 839 ~ Used ~ 1 cent George Washington, Saint Louis, Mo. Pre-cancel http://t.co/J3pXQXgTME http://t.co/ETDZCO033h

@1975HANNIEL: q: whos your celebrity crush @en_jajaja: DRAKE MATTHEW GEORGE ADAM ROSS NIALL HARRY LIAM LOUIS ZAYN NICK i could literally go on forever

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