Jerry Dempsey

American politician
Died on Wednesday January 14th 2015

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Tweets related to Jerry Dempsey:

@irfanirfreezy: Dempsey!! Ben & Jerry's!!

@dempsey_jerry: RT @Gufc_football: Minileague kicks off in the morning

@dempsey_jerry: RT @GiveOurDadABone: Boooom! Come on guys let's all get involved. It couldn't be easier #PMA

@dempsey_jerry: @GiveOurDadABone positive vibes to the Ireland clan. Blessed are you amongst women Rob! #spitandsave #swabandsave #PMA


@kaly_aziz: ‼️ I SCREAM ICE CREAM ‼️ @ Ben&Jerry's Dempsey Road

@YeeYingYeeYing: Birthday dessert for the sweetheart 💕 (@ Ben & Jerry's Dempsey - @benandjerrys in Singapore)

@nadyyxo: ben&jerry's over at dempsey hill 😋🍦

@_patrickL: I'm at Ben & Jerry's Dempsey in Singapore

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