Mike Marqusee

American-born writer and activist
Died on Tuesday January 13th 2015

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@Jillnarin: RT @jeremycorbyn: Steve Faulkner sings for Mike Marqusee in Conway Hall while a young peace activist looms above! http://t.co/annyh1GTNG

@casildomartin: Redemption Song: Muhammad Ali and the Spirit of the Sixties Mike Marqusee http://t.co/OV9qZS37GG http://t.co/jMV6Wvljce

@bestdealsb: NEW Wicked Messenger: Bob Dylan and the 1960s by Mike Marqusee Paperback Book (E http://t.co/xe7RBxVgmk http://t.co/Aho9oowU04

@multanparihar77: RT @PiaraPowar: Mike Marqusee, a good man and a brilliant writer. His insights on Ali, cricket, India/ Pakistan define sport. http://t.co/w…

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