Harold Murphy

American politician
Died on Monday January 5th 2015

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Tweets related to Harold Murphy:

@mod_murphy: RT @49ers: Get to know #49ers rookies @EliHarold_ and @DRE_ZILLA21 in this 30-minute interview. http://t.co/k5mw3q2zUe http://t.co/h41EXG0…

@AnakanaSchofiel: I thought Harold Pinter STOLE that copy of Murphy from the library. Or maybe it was another copy he stole? https://t.co/nPMmqsTZ7K

@SCCAR: It is with sadness that we share the passing of Harold Lloyd Nitchman father of Michele Murphy (Coldwell Banker... http://t.co/Cokkd45udc

@Phoenix_Murphy: @ColinMurray Harold Shipman was an old man. I doubt the last caller was moaning about people attacking him when the truth came to light?!


@origsugdenslut: Murphy from SH: Downpour reminds me of Gale Harold back in the Queer as Folk days, ah Brian Kinney and Justin Taylor how I miss thee.

@manbearwolf: @BrodyismeFriend didn't have Dale Murphy's arm though...Harold did RAAAAAKE. #DH

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