Jack Parr

American basketball player (Cincinnati Royals).
Died on Sunday January 4th 2015

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@VegasBarb1: http://t.co/JiitBAMP64 Call Jack H Spivey Sr. at 702-510-1323 and Johnny Parr 702-353-3339 http://t.co/CSteJLDBuT

@JACK_is_on_PARR: RT @BleacherReport: VIDEO: Spelling Bee co-champion Gokul Venkatachalam oozes swag after nailing his final word http://t.co/9TxefCSeL2 http…

@JACK_is_on_PARR: This kid is a legend 🙌🙌🙌🙌

@JACK_is_on_PARR: RT @Tewaaraton: Congrats Legend Brad Kotz + 2015 winners Lyle Thompson and Taylor Cummings. #Tewaaraton Award Pres. by @UALacrosse http://t…


@JACK_is_on_PARR: RT @nick_pants: http://t.co/cMCSmQ9ZsR

@JACK_is_on_PARR: RT @kicksonfire: We all know who sneakerheads are pulling for in the #SpellingBee. Check out Gokul in the 11s (pic by @cjzero). http://t.co…

@JACK_is_on_PARR: Yo just give this spelling bee to the kid with the Jordans and lebron jersey on under his shirt

@DefiantGlitch: /So I did some intense research and this is who I found out was shipped with Vanellope, -Hiro Hamada -Jack Frost -Dash Parr WEIRD.

@Nramirez0519: RT @Molangol: Hay gente que se las pica a que tiene plata porque toma Old Parr o Jack Daniels , pero viven aún de mantenidos.

@NudgeIndia: @ambkcsingh I've met him. Parr knows jack shit about wines and how it should be served.

@SensationsW: Jack Russell Fine China Mug With Gift Box £2.50 Each Mr.Barry's Outlet 191 Parr Stocks Road St.Helens WA9 1PA... http://t.co/pOAPELhoAE

@EmporiumParties: Carole B, Spider-man and Bat-girl had great fun celebrating Jack's (aka Dash Parr) birthday with his Incredible family on Sunday.

@JACK_is_on_PARR: @mikecorn5 clutch

@JACK_is_on_PARR: @mikecorn5 how u fix that

@JACK_is_on_PARR: How do you fix the message thing

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