Gebran Araiji

Lebanese politician.
Died on Friday January 11th 2019

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@damionhinds: I've just posted a new blog: Gebran Araiji, Lebanese politician, Died at 67 - 2 months ago

@deadpeoplecom: :( Gebran Araiji - #GebranAraiji #Gebran #Araiji #rip - 2 months ago

@SSNPNews: @shaolinalan Yes, comrade Gebran Araiji was a Maronite Catholic, and his funeral will be held in a Maronite Church. - 2 months ago

@SSNPNews: Gebran Araiji, the former President of the Syrian Social-Nationalist Party #SSNP, has just passed away. Araiji, bo… - 3 months ago

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