Gabrielle Blunt

British actress.
Died on Monday June 30th 2014

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Tweets related to Gabrielle Blunt:

@gabrielle_dea: RT @drvgvision: all she wanna do is: cuddle, smoke a blunt & wear nothing but your t'shirt while you grab her b∞ty.

@gabrielle_dea: i really miss going on blunt routes.

@lacey_gabrielle: RT @BestOfTaurus: #Taurus is blunt and to the point. But has no idea when to tone it down.

@SarahHongg: @gabrielle_hx let's smoke a big fat blunt with them


@Gabrielle_JGJ: RT @KushInfluences: When your friend fucks up the blunt and you gotta fix it

@Frank_an_Blunt: Ride the energy of your own unique spirit. -Gabrielle Roth

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