Jack Gotta

American CFL and WFL football player
Died on Saturday June 29th 2013

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@jack_2kainz: Omg can't wait for XTU👌🏻💯 jk I gotta work

@nelly6294: @SierraIceblade @TheDivineRebel Same here I gotta win that jack pot

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@conn0rwilliams: Gotta feeling Jack grealish is gonna score the winner today 💫

@Jack_gotta_give: @KellyxShek ugh it's a Harry Potter joke

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@aquamarineash: Alex & jack switched roles for a bit at the beginning of something's gotta give & I've never laughed so hard jack didn't know the words

@codyjakegolden: Gotta watch out for the jack in the pulpits #bluehills http://t.co/v3yWfroJNR

@I_lay_pipe: @Sagittarius_7s I want to learn the tables. I know craps and black jack ( on some street shit tho) I gotta look at how the tables work tho

@necro_jack: cds is the lazy way gotta get somethin gud 4 bo

@KellyxShek: @Jack_gotta_give idk what ur talking about honestly

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