Vitalij Kuprij, Ukrainian-American musician and composer (Trans-Siberian Orchestra)., dies at age 49

Vitalij Kuprij (49)

Ukrainian-American musician and composer (Trans-Siberian Orchestra).

Robert Reid, American basketball player (Houston Rockets, dies at age 68

Robert Reid (68)

American basketball player (Houston Rockets

Ian Amey, English musician and singer (Dave Dee, dies at age 80

Ian Amey (80)

English musician and singer (Dave Dee

Tich, British guitarist and vocalist (Dave Dee, dies at age 79

Tich (79)

British guitarist and vocalist (Dave Dee

Toni Stern, American musician and lyricist (

Toni Stern (79)

American musician and lyricist ("It's Too Late").

Bob Rusch, American jazz critic and record producer., dies at age 80

Bob Rusch (80)

American jazz critic and record producer.

Anthony Holt, British baritone singer (The King's Singers)., dies at age 83

Anthony Holt (83)

British baritone singer (The King's Singers).

Tawl Ross, American rhythm guitarist (Funkadelic)., dies at age 75

Tawl Ross (75)

American rhythm guitarist (Funkadelic).

Marlena Shaw, American jazz singer (

Marlena Shaw (81)

American jazz singer ("It's Better than Walking Out").

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