Eldridge M. Moores

American geologist.
Died on Friday November 2nd 2018

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@Nekrologium: Eldridge M Moores, US-amerikanischer Geologe, am 28.10.2018 im Alter von 80 Jahren. - 8 months ago

@Tessa_M_Hill: RT @louisekellogg: For my friends who knew Eldridge Moores, or knew of his work: we have assembled a memorial page with information about h… - 8 months ago

@ShuffledOff: Eldridge M. Moores (80) California geologist and University of California, Davis faculty - 8 months ago

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@dead_wikipedia: Eldridge M. Moores - 8 months ago

@Tessa_M_Hill: RT @earthmagazine: We are so sad to learn of the loss of Eldridge Moores. In a 2016 interview in EARTH, he spoke with contributing writer T… - 8 months ago

@KBYip: @Tessa_M_Hill Sending warm thoughts to you & the Davis faculty/community who are now mourning another colleague. Ou… - 8 months ago

@Tessa_M_Hill: He was the beating ❤️ of our wonderful department. He encouraged scientists to strengthen the bonds between science… - 8 months ago

@UCDavisResearch: Mourning the loss of Distinguished Professor Emeritus Eldridge M. Moores. - 9 months ago

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