Don Saltsman

American politician
Died on Thursday July 3rd 2014

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Tweets related to Don Saltsman:

@amber__saltsman: RT @CraziestSex: Don't be the person that forgets all their friends when they get into a new relationship.

@amber__saltsman: RT @Kmaughan_: I don't understand how a person can make someone feel like they're nothing and like they don't mean anything...

@amber__saltsman: RT @Sexudaily: It's not just about sex...don't get me wrong sex is great, but when you have a mental connection with someone; you just can'…

@amber__saltsman: RT @SHORTGlRLS: I don't think people realize how rude it actually is when they say I don't look my age.


@amber__saltsman: RT @nathan_green88: If you don't keep things interesting I probably won't text back lol

@amber__saltsman: RT @jocelynuresti_: When a tweet describes how u feel but u don't have the courage to retweet so u just favorite it..

@amber__saltsman: You're one dumb ass person, I swear. Females like you give a bad reputation to the ones that DON'T try and sleep with taken men.

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