Louis Zamperini

American Olympic long distance runner (1936)
Died on Wednesday July 2nd 2014

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@Hilde_Audrey: Louis Zamperini ,94, lights the torch he carried at the 1994 Olympics. http://t.co/dVKh9Ioef0

@SalazarCierah: Unbroken really touched my heart, God bless Louis Zamperini may you rest in peace.

@sanfransimple28: RT @MessiahScrolls: #Unbroken #LouisZamperini #BillyGraham http://t.co/zepBnPnlMA #wsj #nyt #USAToday #pdx More detail of Louie's #faith ht…

@SkylarNoMercy: after watching Unbroken, Louis Zamperini's story is unforgettable.


@UnscriptdSport: Louis Zamperini has a story that belies belief. Olympian, prisoner-of-war, survivor. WATCH: http://t.co/ftDQrX4zIe http://t.co/G9wAGy1jZJ

@SocialDows: Just watched Unbroken ,about Louis Zamperini. WHAT a man. #watchit

@mikaebae: My great grandpa ran against Louis Zamperini (whom Unbroken is about) in junior high

@AndreaTCorreas: RT @AirGuardCAHQ: #TBT Unbroken's L Zamperini carried 1998 Olympic torch near his Japanese POW camp.http://t.co/W1VfdQg135 http://t.co/9CsR…

@bethanyslovers: Louis Zamperini is a hero. I have so much respect for this man. Forever in my heart ❤

@ashleychazz: Louis Zamperini, you are my role model 🙏

@AlexGillespie1: @ArsenalGent he's no Louis zamperini

@TWRuk: This weekend's featured programme is Take One, where we review the Louis Zamperini Biopic, Unbroken. http://t.co/prhyclZeKd

@AlfianImamH: “If I can take it, I can make it.” - Louis Zamperini. ★ Unbroken — https://t.co/kbiIR6kwFh

@twit_award: #people #celebrity Angelina Jolie and Louis Zamperini talk about Unbroken Today Show by ... http://t.co/EqgpICc3CE http://t.co/vjDz84N0hc

@Mocha_Rissaaa: Louis Zamperini is my new hero

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