Don McLaren

New Zealand equine pharmaceutical businessman and Thoroughbred racehorse breeder.
Died on Wednesday November 5th 2014

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@racerallydirect: While we don't think this will happen this year, it wont be long until we see McLaren back on top

@Armchaireverton: I don't see Nufc being do stupid as to appoint Steve mclaren

@stampdog: I hope we don't end up with mclaren as manager. Every time I think of home the word cunt pops into my head #nufc

@Joluda: @david_baty @The_Looney_Toon @MsiDouglas I don't believe we have approached McLaren more than once. My choice is simple NOT CARVER!! #nufc


@pattison85: @john_nufc42 a no nothing at all that's y he is ruining us a don't rate mclaren at all and will dread another season ahead

@ameggeson86: Don't understand that if Viera doesn't come,all of a sudden Mclaren is shit.I rate him.I'd prefer the riskier call myself but SM fine by me.

@welsharmy2: @BigAls09 you don't want to read all the links about how it going to be McLaren anyway lol

@kevbutler87: We would all have taken mclaren when pardew was here though right ? Don't get the negativity, he's a good coach

@whosethatNana11: @DMStratford don't forget to look out for me booing McLaren haha 😂😂😂

@neilc79: @1HowardWalker Would be very happy to see you get McLaren, but mainly so that we (whufc) don't, if I'm honest.

@Krissysmind: RT @McLarenF1: How did James Hunt’s ’76 McLaren M23 end up on a #NewYorkCity street? We don’t know - do you? #TBT #NoNosecone…

@newfangledrec: RT @CrossingTheTrax: Don't forget our Newfangled Records feature tonight, McLaren Teamtalk, and loads of great music!…

@BarryCorrieri: Happy Birthday to Ron the Don! #McLaren #BelieveInMcLaren @McLarenF1

@kyle_mclaren: RT @6thSens: Don't understand why people care about whether a CDN franchise wins Cup. I hope the Sens win one my lifetime, but who cares ab…

@FD_SafcNews: RT @donhutch4: : “@Gazonca: @gaz_nufc but we'll never know Don, I'm sick off the same old every season McLaren stability , Vieira exciteme…

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