Danny Canning

Welsh footballer (Swansea Town).
Died on Monday June 30th 2014

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Tweets related to Danny Canning:

@mhwolfson: @hugh_canning @SP_Morgan @rossignol @JohnVecchio @CURZONPRODUCT "Danny Boy" keeps going through my head now - is that normal?

@mhwolfson: @rossignol @JohnVecchio @CURZONPRODUCT @hugh_canning Die Ähnlichkeit im Gesicht ist schon frappierend. Oh, Danny boy, the pipes...

@gemmaritchiexx: @sarahcanningxo @dxnnytaylor sarah Josephine Bernadette canning !!!! Like Danny's pictures !!!

@Official_Hitstv: You Just Gotta Love Mr Canning Town, Danny Dyer thug life. http://t.co/sU9k4E8TDL

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