Daniel von Bargen

American actor (Malcolm in the Middle
Died on Sunday March 1st 2015

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@dirtybirderic: RT @axlrose: "Desperation is a stinky cologne!" Daniel von Bargen R.I.P.

@FranzNeruda: RT @axlrose: "Desperation is a stinky cologne!" Daniel von Bargen R.I.P.

@CaptArschkarte: Hey, Lee Arenberg and Daniel von Bargen. I forgot how good the cast is. #Robocop3


@Sami_Trouper: RT @el_pais: Muere el actor secundario Daniel von Bargen http://t.co/xF4MCn6x2e No le conocerás por nombre pero sí por su cara http://t.co/…

@Sami_Trouper: RT @thedarkhours: Daniel Von Bargen is in this film in a bit role. It's too bad. he deserves more. #horror #horrormovies http://t.co/lotik…

@tylerinoklahoma: Basic Instinct has the 1927 Yankees of character actors: Stephen Tobolowsky, Chelcie Ross, James Rebhorn, Daniel von Bargen, Jack McGee.

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