Dan Lurie

American bodybuilder and fitness pioneer.
Died on Wednesday November 6th 2013

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@dan_lurie: @WhackheadS too harsh? Found this on a neighbourhood gate. http://t.co/lbDl10vJZ4

@invisible_homes: Laying down parts for a new stoner/psych-rock tune. The '68 Sunn's maiden recording voyage after Dan Lurie... http://t.co/FnhvYBJbUJ

@EirulLeinad: just finished a Runtastic walking of 3.79 mi in 1h 09m with #Runtastic PRO app: https://t.co/SAXL9hKVDQ

@EirulLeinad: just finished a Runtastic walking of 1.07 mi in 19m 06s with #Runtastic PRO app: https://t.co/ydj322NXCY


@igglesnut: @Dan_Hatman - Probably will take over Howie's office. Seriously, it's moved to other side of building(near Lurie).

@EirulLeinad: just finished a Runtastic walking of 1.1 mi in 19m 42s with #Runtastic PRO app: https://t.co/xWjnyZq5IY

@dan_lurie: @702JohnRobbie my suggestion for the #lionpark is tape over the window button/winder like they put after applying glass tint film

@EirulLeinad: just finished a Runtastic walking of 1.14 mi in 19m 41s with #Runtastic PRO app: https://t.co/uTnx7nxXuV

@alvarezmillana4: Dan Lurie Vintage 25 lb Utica Ave. Address Plates weight 1 pair http://t.co/rLVkicRx1f http://t.co/ufV7ZufQo8

@alvarezmillana4: Dan Lurie Vintage 50 lb Utica Ave. Plates (3) http://t.co/jW9hy6LpNz http://t.co/JcLYUSEWER

@licdenisamate: "Learn to love the data and, for heaven's sakel write well." -dan Lurie

@EirulLeinad: just finished a Runtastic walking of 1.13 mi in 20m 24s with #Runtastic PRO app: https://t.co/2CWD5xdWZ0

@dan_lurie: RT @MmusiMaimane: As expected the minister of police who works for President Zuma has determined that He does not owe us a cent. http://t.c…

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