Christopher Beeney

English actor Upstairs
Died on Wednesday January 8th 2020

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@CGBUSWELL: My reward for breaching 40,000 words into novel 4, In Loving Memory, some great classic comedy. It’s tinged with sa… - 7 months ago

@YvonneBaxter16: @Classicbritcom @SherrieHewson RIP CHRISTOPHER BEENEY - 7 months ago

@petardugmedjiev: Sitcom star Beeney dies at 78 - 7 months ago

@lorrainerc021: @rickblackman01 My deepest condolences. Rest In Peace Christopher Beeney. 🙏✝️🕊 - 7 months ago


@Jessica55968260: RT @mimilabonqu: Christopher Beeney & Sue Hodge Crazy For You - 7 months ago

@marcbernstein: @rickblackman01 In the early days of @LBC and for a short time alternately Christopher Beeney and Simon Williams (a… - 7 months ago

@Marke09Mark: RIP Christopher Beeney - 7 months ago

@AirwolfHawke88: - 7 months ago

@fizzydrinker: Christopher Beeney dies and Piers Moron sorry #piersmorgan is trending for the wrong reason (still alive - sadly) - 7 months ago

@mimilabonqu: Christopher Beeney & Sue Hodge Crazy For You - 7 months ago

@sharonlb21: @rickblackman01 Ahh so sorry to hear this .... God Bless Christopher did a great job ....💕🙏 - 7 months ago

@deadpeoplecom: It's a sad day, Christopher Beeney dies - #ChristopherBeeney #Christopher #Beeney #rip - 7 months ago

@SharonA08584542: @Classicbritcom @SherrieHewson I had the privilege of meeting Christopher Beeney whilst I was a drama student back… - 7 months ago

@AllyParry: @Just_Gill1 Lovely Christopher Beeney. Need to watch some In Loving Memory! - 7 months ago

@BathFlea: Sad to hear Christopher beeney has died. RIP - 7 months ago

@Richard85689161: @Classicbritcom @SherrieHewson Sad to hear of the passing of Christopher Beeney, and yes i remember "In Loving Memo… - 7 months ago

@TT0121: CHRISTOPHER BEENEY RIP #ChristopherBeeney The English child actor, Best Known for his Role As Edward The Footman… - 7 months ago

@purple62shorty: @gradysez So sad Mike, he was a great actor, like you worked with Dame Thora Hird - RIP Christopher Beeney xx😪xx - 7 months ago

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