Charlie Watkins

British audio engineer (Watkins Electric Music).
Died on Tuesday October 28th 2014

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Tweets related to Charlie Watkins:

@hannah_watkins_: RT @MTVNews: 16 #CharlieCharlieChallenge Videos That Are Too Damn Real

@Jordan_Watkins_: much love for Charlie

@hollyy_watkins: RT @AdamWaithe: Oi Charlie best have a hot sister cus this niggas living with me now

@watkins_deshawn: I liked a @YouTube video from @domislive GTA 5 Online - DLC Release ? Girlfriend, Charlie Charlie Pencil Game


@watkins_thfc: Hark at Charlie Brown on @BBCNewsnight

@watkins_tristan: RT @GAWVI: For those that are playing or want to play this "game" Charlie Charlie.... STOP. Don't be dumb.

@kaylen_watkins: "mi pinga se llama charlie charlie" LMFAO ADIOS

@75smariana: @kaylen_watkins @Mayrita131 mi pinga se llama charlie charlie

@kaylen_watkins: @75smariana @Mayrita131 esta con charlie charlie

@kaylen_watkins: so saturday night it was llamando el demonio of charlie charlie & tonight it's sending a text to shut off people's phones...ok...

@Charlie_Steamer: I'm pretty sure in the past three years there's been more bomb/violent threats at Watkins than anywhere else close to us.

@TrapppH0uSe: I ain't gon play no Charlie Charlie game man. I ain't with that

@HiFiNewsmag: RT @ShaneVinyl: Reading a piece in @HiFiNewsmag about speakers at concerts and how Charlie Watkins was blown off stage at the @IsleOfWightF…

@TrapppH0uSe: RT @WeLoveRobDyrdek: When Charlie shows up. 😱😨

@mark__watkins: @BBCMOTD #goal5 Has to be Charlie Adams Goal! Amazing!

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