Dub Williams

American politician
Died on Monday October 27th 2014

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Tweets related to Dub Williams:

@wordoftruth66b1: @SGT_B_Dub @Montel_Williams @wordoftruth66b1 Absolutely Sir! I was in the Army Reserve during peace time. I ended disabled at work.Take care

@SGT_B_Dub: @wordoftruth66b1 @Montel_Williams thank you sir. Just wish our football team could beat Montells. Every other day, comrades. But thank u

@wordoftruth66b1: @SGT_B_Dub @Montel_Williams @wordoftruth66b1 Sergeant B. Dub, Thank you for your service soldier! We have freedoms because of men like you.

@wordoftruth66b1: @Montel_Williams @SGT_B_Dub @wordoftruth66b1 Montel, thank you for your service to our Country. Blessings, paul


@SGT_B_Dub: @jbiz13 @Montel_Williams yeah, I am. Military bases are being contacted by armed, trained guards. Lots of comp. can protect w right trainin

@wordoftruth66b1: @Montel_Williams @SGT_B_Dub @wordoftruth66b1 Wanted you to know that I've always respected you 4 everything you are and have done 4 Military

@jbiz13: @Montel_Williams @SGT_B_Dub So you're okay with guns at school as long as they are in the hands of cops, not other trained persons? 👎🏼

@SGT_B_Dub: @Montel_Williams and black knights will win this year

@SGT_B_Dub: @Montel_Williams I think that is what Vince wants too. You two are arguing the same thing. Take a step back. You're heated

@bunny53925: @Montel_Williams @SGT_B_Dub nice to sort of meet you

@SGT_B_Dub: @Montel_Williams what about trained law enforcement or retired ones? Couldn't they help in a columbine or sandyhook? A blackwater type tm

@darealmike_dub: "Clemson Fans don't stress over them decommits , you still have Mike Williams" I said this January 2013 when we lost two Wr commits #WRU

@UncleDilla: Congrats to Dub Nation for their Game 1 win...but the Finals is a marathon not a sprint. It's a long drawn out... http://t.co/ZUWCby8CjC

@PKPpresents: Lmao, guys. Spencer Braun Devina Boswell Blaine Randolph Cody C-Dub Williams Timothy Ryan Fortune Caley Nichole... http://t.co/DPnkXPtjs0

@SGT_B_Dub: RT @FoxNews: Ted Williams: "I think that there's something in that autopsy report that's now suspicious and suspect." #Greta http://t.co/9j…

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