Charlie Beasley

American basketball player.
Died on Sunday April 12th 2015

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@tyriq_beasley: Told my mom about the Charlie Charlie thingy and she said "oh hell naw don't even think about bringing that demon into my house" lol

@Beasley__: RT @AyoxChriis: Who tf is Charlie

@Only_Beasley: Charlie


@sierrasheda: @beasley_brendan "what the Charlie challenge?" -Brendan

@evyn_beasley: RT @WorldStarFunny: LMAOOO CHARLIE CAN LICK MY NUTSACK #charliecharliechallenge

@evyn_beasley: RT @WorldStarFunny: LMAOO HE APOLOGIZED TO CHARLIE 😂

@beasley_25: RT @WeLoveRobDyrdek: LMAOOO CHARLIE CAN LICK MY NUTSACK #charliecharliechallenge

@naija_beasley: @taztuna1 go do the charlie charlie challenge 😂😂😂

@naija_beasley: what's the charlie charlie thing ?

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