Bob Savage

American baseball player (Philadelphia Athletics
Died on Friday July 26th 2013

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@Raquel_Savage: RT @FreddyAmazin: After years of watching Sponge Bob I finally realise that Patrick Star is so clueless about everything because HE LIVES U…

@qualo_so_savage: Onna guys I need some slob and bob 😤

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@a_hood11: “@Morrison_Flow: @Jchez9 @a_hood11 hoods dad needs a Twitter #bob #savage” ok Jason 😂

@bec__har: RT @Morrison_Flow: @Jchez9 @a_hood11 hoods dad needs a Twitter #bob #savage

@Morrison_Flow: @Jchez9 @a_hood11 hoods dad needs a Twitter #bob #savage

@shyy__savage: Raven bob if she think um turnin up on a sunday .

@Smith_Savage_: RT @GeniusPothead: “Who are you to judge the life I live?” – Bob Marley

@SirzechSerafall: Bob, the Builder? More like Bob, the Savage.

@Joshhh_Millleer: Damn this new sponge bob movie is savage

@Cheddar_BOB_: RT @Drrake: Steph Curry still a savage for this 😂😩

@Briannaa_222: @lifeaseva 💘 #WhenIWasSix I was watching sponge bob laughing my lil butt of cause the TV said "TVY7" and I was 6. Straight up savage 😂😂

@Bob_Masterr: RT @WeLoveRobDyrdek: Steph Curry still a savage for this 😂😩

@mike_the_Savage: Good sign for American Pharoah. The king walked mayweather to ring and now he's hanging out with Bob Baffert. #TripleCrown

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