Bob Crow

British trade unionist
Died on Tuesday March 11th 2014

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@susanp_80: @Mauginog @CockertonMark Bob Crow God rest him

@BuddyGB: @Mauginog It was always a great qt when Bob Crow was on the panel. Sadly they don’t make ‘em like that any more! Now its a boring old show!

@SurreyHantsAfed: ‘Bon viveur’ Bob Crow earned more than 5 times the average salary of the members he represented.

@Rawno72: @Goulding7 I live just round the corner Bob, in crow wood lane.So me Mum can keep an eye on me ha ha..


@crow_death: @st_christophr @rachelmillman nut so casual bob marley wears a t shirt with my dick pic on it

@Justice4ollie: Me IE Oliver Campbell & Bob Crow

@lunaticmind666: @HiroMattu29 Bob dylan,Blowin in the wind Sheryl crow,I know why Culture club,Karma chameleon King Crimson,I talk to the wind

@Crow_Megat: RT @FunnySayings: After years of watching Sponge Bob I finally realise that Patrick Star is so clueless about everything because HE LIVES U…

@karlkyle834: @Bob_Pike @SandlerJ I'm happy to eat my serving of crow.

@Bob_from_Niles: Crow needs a cigarette after that one I dunno blackhawks in 6

@Bob_from_Niles: CROW IN NET OH MY GOODNESS!!!

@Mrs_Bob_Denby: RT @MST3KRiffs: Crow: Is there anyone who likes pickles as much as I do? (The Horror of Party Beach) #MST3K

@EarreyRaymond: The wisdom of the late Bob Crow

@Bob_Passmore: RT @Noonooart: Mono Printing again today #printmaking low tide #coast #crow #art #print #printmaking #ink #paper

@howerdali: old crow medicine show.. he sounds like bob dylan

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