Joe McGinniss

American author and political journalist
Died on Monday March 10th 2014

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@objkshn: .@MichaelMBandy @YourAnonNews Yes. The article was false. This was the case in book: Fatal Vision by Joe McGuiness.

@morenoandradem4: The Last Brother by Joe McGinniss (1993, Hardcover)

@msandula: 17. "Fatal Vision," Joe McGinniss (which, 35 years later, is still in the courts: #52in52

@rubinstephan5: (1983-09-16) Fatal Vision, McGinniss, Joe, Putnam Adult, Hardcover, Good


@rubinstephan5: Fatal Vision: Movie Tie-In 1984 by McGinniss, Joe 0451135474

@rubinstephan5: Fatal Vision by Joe McGinniss (1984, PB) True Crime Story-Jeffrey MacDonald

@oyossadoc2: Blind Faith by Joe McGinniss (1989, PB) True Crime Story-Adultery-Drugs-Murder

@manillaraul: The Miracle of Castel Di Sangro 1999 by McGinniss, Joe 0316557366

@rubinstephan5: Fatal Vision Signet 1984 by McGinniss, Joe 0451144228

@rubinstephan5: Cruel Doubt by Joe McGinniss (1991, Hardcover)

@michaeltrillium: Liberals essentially wage war on their targets (e.g. Joe McGinniss moves next door to Palin); #ChuckCJohnson 1st to detail their conspiracy.

@rubinstephan5: Cruel Doubt by Joe McGinniss (1991, Hardcover)

@manillaraul: The Miracle of Castel di Sangro by Joe McGinniss (1999, Hardcover)

@Nieves_Schmoll: #BruceJenner Frank Sinatra, Bruce Jenner, Timothy Leary, Joe McGinniss- People Magazine 1976 #Olympic #Athlete

@rubinstephan5: Cruel Doubt McGinniss, Joe Hardcover

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