Andy Gilpin

Canadian Olympic champion ice hockey player (1948).
Died on Saturday March 1st 2014

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@Andy_Gilpin: @kierongillen @McKelvie Huge congratulations to you both. Wow!

@Andy_Gilpin: RT @_Twinsen_: Mucho tiene que pasar para que este no sea mi gif del año.

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@DPConwyNews: RT @nigenet: @DPDenbNews @Gilpin_Andy @neil_avery Perhaps this can help? :-)

@Gilpin_Andy: @DPDenbNews @neil_avery We live by the edge of our seats in this place!

@DPDenbNews: @nigenet @Gilpin_Andy @neil_avery that's extremely helpful and something I'm sure we'll refer back to quite regularly, thanks :)

@nigenet: @DPDenbNews @Gilpin_Andy @neil_avery Perhaps this can help? :-)

@DPDenbNews: Headline spolier alert: Conversation between @Gilpin_Andy and @neil_avery : How many nana's in Nanananananana....Batcam!?

@wendy_dp: @Gilpin_Andy @AlexHickeyDP @fezbob Careless chewing gum disposal is mine

@fezbob: @Gilpin_Andy @AlexHickeyDP just off to make myself a brew...

@Gilpin_Andy: @AlexHickeyDP @fezbob I'm the first to kick off about most things. Teabags left in the sink is my new one...

@AlexHickeyDP: @fezbob @Gilpin_Andy Exactly Liam has anyone mentioned it to him yet. He's the first to kick off if the milk is left out in the kitchen

@Gilpin_Andy: @AlexHickeyDP Just say no Hickey....

@fezbob: @AlexHickeyDP @Gilpin_Andy probably trying to dig out all the chewing gum he jammed in the urinals

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