Aitzaz Hasan

Pakistani schoolboy
Died on Monday January 6th 2014

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@Hasan_Aliessa: @aitzaz_baig @mjamallow hahaha nice one 😂

@aitzaz_baig: Loool this is just too epic. @mjamallow @Hasan_Aliessa

@Alshemerty: Aitzaz Hasan - 💚

@maheera_: Heroes like these boys & Aitzaz Hasan are often forgotten, May Allah grant them the highest rank in Jannah Ameen.


@hafsakhan464: even Americans also appreciate the bravery of this Pakistani shaheed "Aitzaz Hasan" @DanieIAmos

@Hasan_Aliessa: @aitzaz_baig hahaha ouch! 😝 @mjamallow

@aitzaz_baig: @Hasan_Aliessa why what's wrong? Cheer up, man. It could be worse, your love life could have been like @mjamallow 's.. non-existent

@Hasan_Aliessa: @aitzaz_baig haha bro, life sucks so bad sometimes 😫

@aitzaz_baig: @Hasan_Aliessa ahem. Care to share some details, Romeo?

@Hasan_Aliessa: @aitzaz_baig so annoying bro!

@aitzaz_baig: @Hasan_Aliessa run them over

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