Westmead Hawk

Died on Monday May 26th 2014

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Tweets related to Westmead Hawk:

@Alanoshea3: This is a westmead Hawk dog I think http://t.co/l4i6KmZeur

@megasportsworld: Multiple English #GreyhoundDerby winners: Mick the Miller, 1929-30; Patricias Hope, 1972-73; Rapid Ranger, 2000-01; Westmead Hawk 2005-06

@julieprice57: @RPGreyhounds Re the Swansalona Diva stud suggestion. Odell Faith is a westmead hawk bitch . so any advice much appreciated thanks

@PaulBunker: @bigboydave1 @Oddsonjolly @DogLayer @KaanHughes Westmead Hawk v Farloe Tango 515m round Hove. Price that up Dave :-)


@Bunyan13: @BillandBenDogs Westmead Hawk never broke 5.00, Kinda Ready 5.02 in final, Bandicoot 4.95 in final. If Nidge is around 5.00 he has a chance

@AnaglogsDaughtr: Ballyregan Bob - Westmead Hawk - Scourlouge Champ - Mick The Miller http://t.co/bRo9P0jSqZ

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