Warren Lamb

British management consultant.
Died on Tuesday January 21st 2014

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@lamb_martin: "The world hopes for the best - but Jesus is your best hope!" Rick Warren

@Chop_of_Lamb: RT @DRUDGE_REPORT: REPORT: Elizabeth Warren Made Quick Profits on Foreclosed Homes... http://t.co/FmBEA9MpOn

@UnacceptableBT: @LordSkipVC What do you call a man with a rabbit up his bottom? Warren! Here all week, try the lamb instead...

@Cofton_Holidays: A lovely carvery being served now in the Warren Retreat, choose from Beef, Turkey and Lamb... delicious :) http://t.co/956WMjDvvR


@pocketgames4me: RT @hungrylucy: Warren is bubbling over with excitement about his recording buddy, Jess Lamb's epic new radio single, "Memories".... http:/…

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