Vujadin Boškov

Yugoslav Olympic silver-medalist football player (1956) and coach (national team
Died on Sunday April 27th 2014

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@raffaelemedugno: "L'unica consolazione è aver perso a testa alta. Ma il calcio estetico si dimentica" Vujadin Boškov #Juventus #ChampionsLeagueFinal

@TheSirignano: If man loves woman more than cold beer in front of TV with Uefa Champions League Final, maybe real love but not real man. Vujadin Boškov :)

@soccers24: Vujadin Boškov(ヴヤディン・ボシュコヴ)ユーゴの代表監督「すべての試合は0-0から始まる」試合前に有利不利はないと言わんばかりの言葉。サッカーは予測不可能なスポーツ。ジャイアントキリング最高。

@m_caresano: @Barbarahammer1 @sonietta1311 Rigore è quando arbitro fischia. (Vujadin Boškov)

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