Vi Robbins

Australian supercentenarian
Died on Wednesday October 8th 2014

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@Sra_Robbins: @DraMerGrey Tem no site tbm, eu vi o meu ontem

@vi_inner: Keep your goals in front of you and your fears behind you. - Tony Robbins #quote

@LngTm1: Ăn kem Baskin Robbins để có Cơ hội vi vu Malaysia, xem trận đấu giữa CLB Liverpool và Malaysia XI, tham gia khóa...

@cardenasamadis4: NEW Vi And Vim Editors Pocket Reference by Arnold Robbins BOOK (Paperback)


@isteroliveira: As Quatro Estações - Stephen King: Quando vi “Um Sonho de Liberdade”, filme de 1994 estrelado por Tim Robbins ...

@vi_inner: Stay committed to your decisions, but stay flexible in your approach. - Tony Robbins #quote

@DraMerGrey: @Sra_Robbins kkkkk só vi agora Beta

@__eLuv: @niiku_yuri El photobook de baskin robbins ;;; sabes si hay unboxing? es que lo vi muy pequeño XDD

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